Welcome to INK PPT Market

  • Hola, You are most welcome to INK PPT and we are so happy to have you with us. Here, ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘INK PPT’ or ‘Renure’ refers to our team or content or our assets (Portal, content, terms).

Our Ecosystem

  • The ecosystem of INK PPT marketplace helps all the creativity and design lovers around the world and serves as a single place where they can sell and buy presentation & other creative resources. For becoming a member our own growing community, you need to accept our terms and conditions. You will be allowed to buy and sell items along with other related activities. To perform the above mentioned activities, you will have your INK PPT Market account.
  • The INK PPT market allow members to sell and buy licenses to use digital products like presentations and a lot of other digital products. All the transactions between the buyers and sellers will be facilitated by us using our payment methods. All your transactions as buyers or seller will be recorded under your account and will be available for your direct access.
  • The products listed on INK PPT market are the property of respective sellers and not us. INK PPT Market only promote and make these products available through our platform. We do not take the ownership of any of the items listed on our marketplace.
  • You agree to follow our terms and conditions outlined here while you spend time on our portal else you are requested to please leave our marketplace as it is mandatory for every visitor and user to comply with our terms and privacy policy.

Age Criteria for becoming a member

  • You need to be 15 years or above in order to browse our sites and marketplace. All of our terms and conditions are equally valid on you even if you are younger than the 15 years of age.
  • To become a member of INK PPT, you age needs to be 18 years or above. Parental or legal guardian (18 years or above) supervision will be required in case your age is lesser than 18. In the latter case, parents or legal guardian will take the responsibility for your activities.

Benefits & Conditions for the members

  • You take the complete responsibility and assure that the information, products, licenses and email ids provided to use are accurate and in working condition while your association with us. You cannot transfer your membership to anyone and are completely responsible for the security of vital information like your username and password. You need to inform us immediately if you realize any unauthorized access to your account or any other potential security breach.
  • Every member of INK PPT market is entitled to several benefits. Upon registration, you will receive:
    • Free membership
    • Permission to buy the license of the products being sold at our marketplace
    • Participation in forums, discussions and other community activities
    • Opportunity to become a Contributor/Author at our marketplace
    • Earn via referral income (Subject to the availability of this model)
  • You can help us grow by referring new members and in return can make affiliate income for referring new members. You may read more about referral program benefits and terms under the affiliate marketing section.

Purchasing an Item on INK PPT Market

  • Whenever you make a purchase of an item at INK PPT Market, you actually buy a license to use that product which is issued directly by the product Author to you (Buyer). The terms and conditions under a license are set by INK PPT Market. We have only one license type which governs all the items being sold at INK PPT Market.
  • On every purchase which you make at INK PPT Market, we take a commission from the Author of the product on that sale.
  • For some payments, buyer might be subjected to additional handling charges and taxes over and above the cost of the item being purchased. You may read below about those cases
  • For making the payments of your purchased item license, you will be redirected to a payment agent like PayPal or others, and you may have to pay the handling charges over and above the price of the item. All the currency conversion costs are to be borne by the purchaser or buyer and INK PPT Market will not be liable for any such additional charges and fees.
  • Whenever you buy an item at INK PPT market, you promise to use the items as per the permissions granted in the license. Your completed purchase cannot be cancelled or reversed. Your details can be made available to the Author for providing invoice, support and other updates. INK PPT market and the product author cannot guarantee the lifelong availability of the purchased product on our marketplace so every buyer is advised to make an instant download of their purchased products. You are provided with a non-exclusive license of a product and the ownership of the product lies still with the product Author. We have the right to enforce the correct use of the license which you have acquired from the author.

Promises from the Author of the item

  • The author promises to a buyer that they own or have the intellectual property rights to use the product while assuring that the item and the related information they are providing is accurate, ethical, compliant with governing bodies, lawful and does not mislead in any which way. The Author also promise that the content made available does not violate any laws & regulations related to consumer protection, unfair competition, pornography, trade practices, fair trading and anti-discrimination. Author also promises that the item does not hurt anybody’s personal character or image. All the item provided by the Author are virus free and does not limit or destroy the functionality of anybody’s computer hardware or software. In case of any discrimination, only the author of the item will be responsible for any such offense.

Product pricing and taxes

  • All the prices are inclusive of all the applicable transactional taxes (like GST, VAT, Sales Tax). Under the following cases, if applicable, additional taxes will be charged for(a) European Union VAT, (b) Any other transaction related tax. Buyer will be responsible for paying all the tax and we might collect your geographic location for tax collection purposes. Kindly provide your accurate location information while registering an account with INK PPT Market.

Encountering wrong information

  • You might encounter an item with a wrong price or wrong information. Kindly bring it to our notice and we will correct it as soon as possible. In case if you have purchased that item than we may cancel or reverse the transaction even after completion provided you do not use the product.

Refunds and credits

  • Since we offer downloadable digital products, refund or credit will not be provided for the purchased products unless required by Indian consumer laws or other relevant consumer protection laws. You are required to raise a support ticket for requesting the refund and we will take an action based on upon our discretion. Every refund request case will be independently assessed by our team and INK PPT market is under no obligation to facilitate the refund under the cases where you did not liked the product, you bought the item by mistake, you do not have the sufficient skills or expertise required to use the purchased product or you are no longer able to access the product due to its removal by the Author from our marketplace.
  • In case of refund, payment will be made in US dollars using PayPal. We will not be responsible for any currency conversion losses.

Disputes and legal issues

  • In case if you lodge a dispute as a buyer with a law or payment agent, your account will be frozen until the final settlement between INK PPT Market and the agent handling your case. We advise you to first approach us in case of any discrepancy or purchased related issues and we will try our best to resolve the same.
  • Our Author terms listed here and shown during the Author application are applicable for every Author who is registered at INK PPT Market.
  • We own the complete INK PPT market content related to website design, portal, brand names, trademarks, compilations, codes, copyrights, designs, logos, service marks and others. No one can distribute, sell, copy, modify or make a derivative work out of these assets.
  • INK PPT Market do not take the warranty and responsibility for the quality, legality and the safety of the products and their intellectual property rights infringements (if any). It is the responsibility of the Author to ensure you the best quality product which meet all standards and lawful requirements.
  • If you notice any infringement of your intellectual property at INK PPT Market by any of the Authors or Buyers, you are requested to contact the Author directly or let us know so that we can help you resolve the matter.
  • Some non-excludable laws may give you the rights which we can’t exclude, modify or restrict. But we are only bound to the promises and assurances which we have provided in these terms and conditions.

Information Security

  • You are asked to provide your details when you become a member of INK PPT Market. We protect your information as much as we can but can’t assure the perfect security of the information. On our portal you might learn about the confidential information about us and the other members, you promise to keep it secure and do not make it available to any other person under any circumstances. We might use your information for marketing purposes while maintaining the security of the same.

Maintain the decorum

  • INK PPT Market is a community formed on certain principles and with an objective to help people present better. We expect every member to follow certain guidelines and maintain the decorum expected from them. Please do not provide false email id or information about yourself. Do not misrepresent anyone or any relationship. Do not get involved in any hacking related activity to gain unauthorized access to INK PPT Market. Do not damage the reputation and functioning of the portal. Do not gain the personal contact information of any member to establish any sort of private arrangement with the member. Do not mislead the consumers. Do not make false claims. Do not use the information available on INK PPT Market for any unlawful activity that violates the intellectual property. Do not sell, mortgage, rent, copy, and distribute the information of other members and products to any one without seeking required licenses and permissions. Keep your personal contact information like emails, mobile numbers, and skype names private and do not disclose the same publicly on the INK PPT Market. If you are doing so, we advise you to remove such information or publish them at your own risk.
  • INK PPT Market holds the rights to remove your content for any reason and at our discretion. Some reasons to take down the content includes quality assurance, potential future threat of any kind, copyright take-down notice, inappropriate content, breach of someone else’s rights or any third party liability.
  • We would love to see you participate actively in the community but you are requested to kindly go through the community guidelines to have your best stay with us.

3rd Party linking and promotions

  • If you want to link your site to our marketplace, its great but we have certain conditions for the same. You need to ensure that you will not:
    1. Frame our content in the surroundings of someone else’s or competitor content
    2. Provide partial information or content about us
    3. Use the images being used on our marketplace
    4. Hamper our branding in any way
    5. Show our brand in the negative light
    6. We have the final rights to insist you to take down our content and withdraw any sort of access which has been provided to you on our marketplace.
  • INK PPT Market might contain links to other competitors, 3rd party sites and non-INK PPT sites. We do not have any control on the same and neither we promote or endorse them even if they are affiliated with us in any which way.

Termination of your access to INK PPT Market

  • INK PPT market membership is a benefit given to every member who comply with our terms and guidelines which we have created for this platform. We reserve the final right to restrict or permanently terminates anybody’s access to our community under any unlawful act. Such member will not be entertained in our community later.
  • You agree to cooperate with us for any of our defence claims which we make for our security against the indemnification by you
  • We work our best to provide you with 24×7 access to the portal but you might not be able to access INK PPT market at any time or any day without any specific reason. We also hold the right to change the aspects how INK PPT Market works. We will not be liable for any of your loss due to these changes.

What our membership means

  • We cannot bind each other in any way and the membership provided by INK PPT market cannot be regarded as a partnership, joint venture, agency relationship or employment between you and INK PPT (or Renure)

Sending notices

  • You can send us the notice with the help of a support ticket and we can send any notice to your email id which you have provided for creating the account on our platform.
  • We will try our best but do not take guarantee to inform you and every member about the changes in our terms and conditions.
  • We operate from New Delhi, India. All the disputes arising anywhere are subjected to Indian laws.


  • Author / Contributor / Seller / Vendor – The one who sell the items on INK PPT Market portal
  • Buyer / Customer / Purchaser – The one who buy the license to use the product
  • INK PPT Market – Its includes portals like market.inkppt.com, blog.inkppt.com and other related portals for information and services
  • EU states – List of countries which are the part of European union
  • Handling fee – Additional fee incurred in certain cases at the payment methods like PayPal
  • Product/Item price – The price at which a product is listed
  • Items / Products – The products which are being sold at the INK PPT Marketplace.
  • INK PPT Member – The user to creates an account and agrees to our terms
  • Affiliate – The one who spread our name to bring more users to our portal and get a monetary reward for the same
  • Payment Agent – The provider who helps members pay for a product using credit card, debit card or other payment methods.
  • Total Price – It is the total price which a member pays for obtaining a license to use a product

Last modified on 03 June 2015