We’re really excited to have you with us as an Author of some amazing products. Create things which you love and things which can empower others to make a change in the world. We are currently focused on presentations and you are welcome to create anything and everything around them

These terms are designed for Authors to help them understand everything about their roles, responsibilities, obligations, rights and expectations at INK PPT Market. You agree to sell your products at INK PPT Market by agreeing to the INK PPT Market terms as well as these Author terms.

Becoming an Author

  • You (Author, who is selling their items at INK PPT) are responsible to buyer and to us (INK PPT Market) for your items.
  • You can become the Author by visiting “Become an Author” Page. You upload your products for free but they undergo a review by our team before making them live for the world to buy. Assistance about making your product, uploading process are available in the knowledge zone for your help.

Product Pricing

  • Authors are allowed to propose their own price for their items but the final price approval authority lies with INK PPT Market. We can reduce, increase or keep your proposed price unchanged before taking your product live. We are keeping your price realistic an as per industry standards. Whenever you are selling an item to someone, you are actually passing a single license of usage of your product to the Buyer. Even after the sale, you hold the legal copyright of your product.

No exclusivity clause

  • There are no clauses related to exclusivity, you can sell the products which you are selling on other online digital marketplaces as well.

Author’s promise to the buyer

  • The author promises to a buyer that they own or have the intellectual property rights to use the product while assuring that the item and the related information they are providing is accurate, ethical, compliant with governing bodies, lawful and does not mislead in any which way. The Author also promise that the content made available does not violate any laws & regulations related to consumer protection, unfair competition, pornography, trade practices, fair trading and anti-discrimination. Author also promises that the item does not hurt anybody’s personal character or image. All the item provided by the Author are virus free and does not limit or destroy the functionality of anybody’s computer hardware or software. In case of any discrimination, only the author of the item will be responsible for any such offence.

Commission on sales

  • We charge a flat commission from you on the earning which you make by selling your templates at INK PPT market. The information related to commission charges can be obtained from the Knowledge centre.

Product Submission & Review

  • Review process of your items usually lasts between 2 days to a week. During the review, we check the product on quality parameters and information adequacy for the buyers. We might not be able to provide your absolute reason every time for rejecting a product but we will try our best to give you a constructive feedback. We are not liable to provide any explanation or a reason for the rejection of your item every time your product gets rejected.

Author earnings

  • We charge a flat commission from all the Authors. Whenever there is a sale for your product, we deduct our commission and your earning from the sales becomes visible in the “Earnings” tabs of the “Author Dashboard”. In order for us to do this without any problem, you authorize us to collect payments for your sold items, make the applicable commissions deductions, credit them to your INK PPT Market account and to distribute your earnings to you. We are only liable to pay you the earnings after the deduction of our commissions.

Requesting your payment

  • You can request a payout for your earning by sending a mail at support@inkppt.com . The mail needs to come from the e-mail id using which the Author account has been registered. You earning will be sent to your Paypal email id which you have provided to us. We will only make payments for a minimum threshold amount of $50 (US Dollars) and we process all the payments during our payment cycle between 7th to 15th day of a month. So, all the requests received on and after 7th day of a month will be considered in the next payment cycle. You ask us to hold your earnings with us until you send a request for your payout. Due to some reasons, we may decide to pay your earnings without your request. Any additional deductions like online transaction fees, local currency conversion charges and other unforeseen expenses needs to be borne by the Author and INK PPT Market is not responsible for any such losses. We might hold your payment in certain cases when we do not have your right payment details, we are not able to contact you, you have not requested for the payout, you are requesting a payout to a person, country or individual where we are not authorized to pay due to banking system limitations or other issues.
  • In case, if any transaction on your item results in payment agents’ fees, chargeback, refunds and unauthorised transactions then we may automatically deduct that amount while paying your earnings. In certain cases where we need to refund the buyer on the purchased item, your earnings linked with the same purchase will also be deducted automatically from your INK PPT Market account.
  • In case of any disputes related to any of your product, account, membership or situation, we may hold back your earnings until the final settlement.
  • An as Author, you are responsible to pay any applicable taxes in your country on your earnings. We might collect taxes from the buyers of your products based on certain legal requirements and laws pertaining to their country (Example EU Member State). If required, we may deduct or withhold the tax from the Author earnings and will provide required documentation to you. You geographical location information may be collected to determine your exaction location for tax related purposes.

Do not promote wrong services

  • You cannot use INK PPT Market to promote your items which you do not sell on our portal.

Loss & Damage liability

  • We are not liable for any losses incurred by you due to the misuse of your product by the buyer. Affiliates, users and other Authors might use the promotional thumbnails of your product on our marketplace or on 3rd party websites to gain more visitors, members, buyers or to enhance their product preview. You authorize them to use your promotional content for such activities. The other Authors must credit your work by providing a link to your work. In case if they fail to do so, INK PPT Market will not be responsible for any such activities.

Using your product for marketing

  • We may use the preview images of your product and link to your product for marketing under different channels including social media network, emails, public relations, featured page, popular page and others. You are not liable to receive any compensation for the same.

Item removal from INK PPT Market

  • Your item can be removed from INK PPT Market due to violations, quality issues, technical problems or any other reason. We may or may not inform you about any such activity as it is not feasible or possible to attend each such case independently. We will not be responsible for any of your losses due to your item removal.

Information protection

  • Your information may be revealed to the buyer for the invoicing or the support purposes. You are authorizing us to do so. You agree to keep the buyer information confidential and will not be using it for any unlawful activities.
  • Buyer may also share the account details like user name, password, remote access details and others while seeking support. Author needs to reveal the complete usage of the provided information, need to meet all the legal requirements for the usage of such details and will not be using the information for any personal gains.

Discounts, Bulk deals and Promotions

  • For creating more business developmental opportunities, we might be negotiating bulk deals with customers. For any such opportunities, you give us the permissions to negotiate such deals. For creating special discount bundles, we may seek your permission before including your product in the same. Given the nature of deals and offers, the authors might receive a different fee for their products under the promotional and special packages. Before including a product, the author of the product will be contacted and you are free to opt out from any such offers or promotions within the time frame related information provided to you.

What our membership means

  • We cannot bind each other in any way. The membership and the opportunity of becoming an Author provided by INK PPT market cannot be regarded as a partnership, joint venture, agency relationship or employment between you and INK PPT (or Renure)


  • Author / Contributor / Seller / Vendor – The one who sell the items on INK PPT Market portal
  • Buyer / Customer / Purchaser – The one who buy the license to use the product
  • INK PPT Market – Its includes portals like market.inkppt.com, blog.inkppt.com and other related portals for information and services
  • EU states – List of countries which are the part of European union
  • Handling fee – Additional fee incurred in certain cases at the payment methods like PayPal
  • Product/Item price – The price at which a product is listed
  • Items / Products – The products which are being sold at the INK PPT Marketplace.
  • INK PPT Member – The user to creates an account and agrees to our terms
  • Affiliate – The one who spread our name to bring more users to our portal and get a monetary reward for the same
  • Payment Agent – The provider who helps members pay for a product using credit card, debit card or other payment methods.
  • Total Price – It is the total price which a member pays for obtaining a license to use a product

Thank you for reading and Let’s get started.

Effective from: June 06, 2015